So, what sort of services do I offer?

I translate websites, manuals, documentation, product descriptions, software localization files (i.e. .gettext), journalistic articles, short literary pieces, academic writing, summaries, abstracts and grant applications, to name just a few. Mostly from the English into Czech (my mother tongue), since 2018 also from the German. Translations into English get thoroughly revised by native English speakers. I never accept a project that exceeds my own abilities.

Proofreading and editing
I proofread and edit texts that have been translated into Czech by other translators, as well as those written originally in Czech.

Copywriting, website content creation
Whenever you need to create text from scratch. The purpose in both cases usually is to produce textual material catchy enough to pique the readers' interest, so they would do what you desired them to do, typically give you money in exchange for goods and services you offer, preferably Right. Now. (Or perhaps you want to better inform your readers and have them change their opinion of something, or to alter their behaviour in the long run, which would be more typical of non-profit textual material.) In any case, do get in touch with a general overview of your project, tell me what your expectations are, and I will let you know what I can do. You can also arrange a meeting with me in person. I will gladly discuss the details of your vision in your favourite café in Prague or elsewhere.

Are you a non-profit? You are lucky. First two pages of your assignment are free of charge! This offer may however only last till the end of 2019, so do not hesitate and drop me a line now.

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