Being an introvert, my prefered way of starting a conversation is through e-mail, since it is fairly unintrusive and also highly transparent. (See my privacy policy statement below, possibly the most concise privacy policy statement you have ever had to read.)

E-mail address:

Cell (mobile): +420 777148907

(Existing clients: When it's extra urgent, send me an sms.)

Postal address:

Johanka Piskovská
Na Kamencoch 1237/1
755 01 Vsetín
Czech Republic

(For official communication and non-urgent messages only.)

Privacy policy

In accordance with EU legislation concerning the protection of personal data of it's citizens (also known as GDPR) I hereby solemnly swear that this website doesn't exist for the purposes of collecting personal data of anyone. I will only keep identifying information necessary for doing business with you and for tax purposes (max. 5 years). E-mail communication sent to the above mentioned address from anyone who doesn't become client will be deleted from the server after 6 months at the latest. I will never sell your data and/or disclose any sensitive information I get from you during the course of our cooperation to third parties without your explicit prior permition. And even in that case you can always revoke said permition. All my clients' data are stored on a computer that is never connected to the internet, except to update the operating system itself, which in my case is Linux Mint - a very secure, reliable and user-friendly desktop based almost entirely on open-source software, which I highly recommend.

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