I am not an early riser. I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, never have been married, never owned a car. Have a twisted sense of humour at times. Love good music of virtually any genre or provenance. Hate hypocrisy, stupidity and abuse of power. Don't like big crowds and constricted spaces. Used to travel a lot. In the European Parliament I am represented by the Greens/EFA fraction.

Besides Czech, English and German I can also read French competently and can understand Slovak almost like a native speaker. I often regret not having enough time to improve my Arabic and Hebrew - I've found Semitic languages with their intricate grammar, large vocabulary, and distinctive musicality possibly even more fascinating than "my own" language family.

When not working on one of my clients' projects I work on an old idea of mine for a novel, a movie and a musical. Or shall I say I let this idea work on me? There's a most amazing non-erotic romantic attraction between the two protagonists and I am already in love with both of them:

Jeanette, a highly gifted and well educated French emigrée, minor aristocrat of Czech, Polish, Spanish and Creole descent, together with two of her close friends, a refused suitor from a Königsberg merchant family, and a beloved music teacher and Jewish convert, embark on a pathbreaking ethnomusicological journey of discovery that eventually leads them to Hungary shortly before Napoleon takes power back in France. In a tavern with Gipsy music she meets and starts dancing with a most amazing gentleman, kindred spirit, a highly learned man of no modest means who treats everyone like his equal, writes a historical novel set in the Reformation era, and builds theoretical models for the process of constitutionalising the Habsburg monarchy.

The existential drama part of the story that takes place in our complicated present times might be even more thrilling, but I'm choosing not to publicise it at this point.

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